Mike Myers - Estimator/Project Manager/Business Manager

Mike has worked in the construction industry sine 1988. Growing up through the ranks, he has been involved with all aspects of construction. Mike started working on highways doing asphalt and concrete bridgework, then moved into commercial building construction, from ground up to Tenant Improvement Projects. He has many years as a Journeman Carpenter, Foreman, Superintendent, Project Manager & Estimator. Mike is now primarily an Estimator & Project Manager, with additional roles covering operations & business management.  

Mike Myers

   phone at (206)579-8750

   email at mikem@my-wayconstruction.com

   fax at (425)968-2202

About Us 

My-way Construction, LLC is a collaborative venture between Mike Myers and Sean Ridgeway, (MYers-RidgeWAY.....MY-WAY). The two owners have combined, over 45 years of experience in the construction industry, spending the last 18 years working together on numerous types and sizes of projects ranging from new, ground up construction, to Tenant Improvement projects, to service repairs. After years of working together, they decided in September of 2009, to start their own construction company. Thus, My-Way Construction LLC was formed. With several years, and hundreds of project behind them, Sean and Mike are pleased to continue to bring honesty, integrity, and quality results to their customers, most of which are repeat clients.


General Contractor

Sean Ridgeway - Operations Manager/Site Management

Sean has worked in the construction industry since 1989. Sean started as a Laborer and worked for years in this area before changing over to Carpenter. Sean has worked on ground up new construction, as well as Interior Commercial construction. He worked up through the ranks from apprentice, to Journeyman Carpenter, to Foreman, to Superintendent before moving into management at My-Way Construction. Sean is now primarily an Estimator & Project Manager, with additional roles covering site operations, labor management, and tool & equipment management. 

Sean Ridgeway

   phone at (425)968-2202

   email at seanr@my-wayconstruction.com

   fax at (425)968-2202